OFFERS a unique experience to Lu' Hotel


Mines in the Blue! (Medium Level Trekking for trained escursionists)

History, colors and nature's wonder will be the ingredients of your unforgettable trekking experience in Sardinia!                                  

The 5 Sea Stacks (Medium Trekking activity suitable for all level of experience)

An emotional trekking through "Golfo del Leone"!                                                                                                  

Sant'Antioco Beaches Tour (Tour on a Land Rover)

Live the adventure between the beautiful beaches of Sant’Antioco!

2 Wheels between colours! (Electric Bicycle included)

Lù Hotel offers its guests the opportunity to live at 360 ° holiday on an electric bicycle. 

San Pietro's Discovery! (Tour on Land Rover)

Live an adventurous experience on  San Pietro Island!                                                               

Lagoon Treasures! (Horseback activities open for beginners and advanced)

A new naturalistic experience awaits you, discover the Sardinian nature on Horse

Ancient civilizations (Excursion on a Land Rover)

Discover the Phoenicians Museum and the "Bisso Marino."                             

The south-west coast of Sardinia is rich in history and environmental treasures: discover them all!

The sport-holiday is an ever more frequent choice for the outdoor lovers!

The Sulcis-Iglesiente has many historical sites: find more about them.

White sandy beaches and a sea with every tinge of azure nature has to offer.