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Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz

The 31st edition, this year from 1st to 10th September.

While the preparations for the full definition of the XXXI edition of The Twilight between Sardinia and Jazz, the Punta Giara Cultural Association announces that  from the 6th of May 2016, it will be possible to reserve and / or buy in advance subscriptions and tickets ( for further information:  Tickets ). As now for over six decades, from the 1st  to the 10th  of September , in Sant’Anna Arresi in the usual and charming Piazza del Nuraghe’s frame, some of the most prestigious ensembles from around the world will perform to pay honor to one of the cornerstones of contemporary music: Frank Zappa.  In this edition, also, considering the difficult situation of our territory, the Cultural Association Punta Giara has decided to apply a popular pricing policy designed to keep entrance fees down.