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Smart Holiday Offer! Refundable within 30/04/2022

Book now your holiday and protect your savings for 2 years!     


It’s not a dream, but it’s real.


Lu’ Hotels Group, in this moment of global health emergency, decides to opt for a bigger flexibility, in order to satisfy our future guests new needs.


We are aware of the uncertainty that COVID-19 emergency generated in planning our and your holidays and we studied for all of you a formulation that will let you protect your investment for 2 years.


Booking until 31/03/2021, In case of cancellation of the stay within 3 days before the arrival date, due to certified causes related to the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus - COVID-19 - (and most notably, solely in case of: individual mandatory quarantine due to confirmation of testing positive to the COVID-19 virus; pre-emptive isolation status obligation subsequent to travelling back from countries or regions deemed “at risk” from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the booking confirmation; in case of Government enforced restrictions, whether national or international, with the effect of preventing You to travel to Sardinia or else in case of other serious health conditions - when provable by a medical certificate – or in case of the demise of a relative,) a Voucher for the same amount of the original reservation will be issued for You to use it within 30/04/2022 in one of our Lu’ Hotels; 



  • This offer is subject to limited availability
  • This offer is valid until the March 31st, 2020 only for direct bookings on our web sites: www.luhotel.it and www.luhotels.it
  • In case of cancellations due to certified cases of COVID-19 your deposit or prepayments will be used for future stays. A Voucher for the same amount of the original reservation will issued and you can use it within 30/04/2022 in one of our Lu’ Hotels.