Sardinian Kite Experience! (Kite Surf coure open to all levels of experience, minimum stay of 5 nights)

Live an unforgettable experience riding the waves of the outstanding Sardinian

Your Personal Trainer - Holiday and fitness

Your Personal Trainer awaits you for a sport and fitness holiday! 

Mines in the Blue! (Medium Level Trekking level for trained escursionists)

History, colors and nature will be the ingredients of your unforgettable trekking experience in Sardinia!                     

The 5 Sea Stacks (Medium Trekking activity suitable for all level of experience)

An emotional trekking through "Golfo del Leone"!         

English, Western or Sardinian riding lessons! (Activities open for beginners and advanced)

Enjoy the emotion of a horseback lesson in english for western riding!

Lagoon Treasures! (Horseback activities open for beginners and advanced)

Starting from the stables, you will run through hidden pathways and amazing places.

Try Scuba! (Open to all levels of experience)

Sardinian sea has never been so beautiful, enjoy it